300 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Aux Solar Water Heater

300 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Aux Solar Water Heater

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Price: ₹ 33,014
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Brand: V-Guard
Product Code: VG-300ETC2.4
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·  Work well with Hard Water

·  No pipe Blocking

·  High density compressed PUF Insulation to store hot water for up to 48 hrs.

·  Ideal for 8 persons with 5 bathroom connection.

·  Normal Pressure- Main tank should be above solar water heater tank.

·  Maximum Pressure: 1 bar

·  Maximum water hardness: 600 ppm

·  5 Years Warranty 

·  Tank Volume- 300 Liter

·  Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel

·  High quality vacuum tubes made from Borosilicate minimize heat loss

·  Does not require air vent

·  Advanced technology at competitive rate

·  Compact size, low height, light weight, easy to install and transport

·  Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days

·  No. of Tubes-28

·  Saves Rs 18,000/year electricity bill

Capacity: 300 LPD / 300 Liter
Inner Tank Material SS 304-L (Stainless Steel)
Minimum Height of Overhead Tank from roof 2 meter
No. Of Tubes 28
No. Of Utility Points 5
Outer Tank Material Pre-Coated GI (Galvanized Iron)
Space Required 2.1 x 2.55 meter
System Height from roof 1.15 meter
Tube Size 58*1800 mm
Type : Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)
Warranty 5 Years

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Product Description

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Working Principle of ETC V-Guard Solar Water Heater

When the sunlight incident on the vacuum tube passes through the outer transparent glass tube and strike the outer surface of the inner glass tube with selective coating. This glass tube, which acts like a black body, absorbs the radiation and gets heated up in the process. The presence of vacuum between the two tubes prevents heat loss to the surroundings. The heated inner tube transfers this heat to the water with which it is directly in contact.  The density of hot water is lower and therefor it has a tendency to rise up. The cold water from the tank flows down to replace the hot water, facilitating circulation by Thermosiphon. Through this process the entire water in the tank heats up and gets ready for the use. The storage tank is insulated with PUF which minimize the loss at night. 

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