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Visit to browse our fantastic solar lighting systems if you're looking for an outdoor lighting solution that's environmentally friendly and economical. Solar lights rely entirely on sunlight, which is converted into an electrical current, and ultra-easy installation - and there's no need for power cables either. Our range of solar lighting products includes various options, street lights, smaller fairy lights, garden lights, outdoor string lights, stake lights, lampposts, and even novelty-themed lights.

Outdoor lighting serves a variety of benefits for both residential homes and commercial properties; it can add style, create the perfect ambiance at a hosted event and give a presentation that wards off potential and dangerous threats. Whether the reason is functionality, design, or safety, solar-powered outdoor lighting is a perfect solution for replacing any outdated gas or electric lighting.

Key Features

·        An easy way for you to decrease their carbon footprint.

·        Outdoor solar lights are beneficial for areas known for having bad weather and power outages since the fixture would continue to function.

·        With solar lighting, installation takes minutes and does not require costly routine maintenance.

·        A majority of these solar light fixtures come designed with the ability to install (outdoor solar lights do not require electrical wiring) and place them just about anywhere that receives direct sun.

·        Made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Solar light is a recently advanced lighting technology to produce light by using natural energy coming from the sun. What is solar light? It is a device developed in such a way to store and provide solar energy by using its particular source (sunlight). Solar lights are used in solar panels or photovoltaic cells to collect solar thermal energy and transforms it into lighting. 

Information about solar light

Solar lights generally use solar energy (sunlight) during the day time to charge its inbuilt battery, which is capable of running the light during the night. Electricity saving is the first and foremost benefit of solar light or solar charging light as it helps consumers to save their electricity costs. When it comes to electricity-saving, solar lighting systems are the best affordable solutions to avail as they eliminate the costs of trenching and wiring. Solar light prices in India vary from one model to another, and one type to one more.

Solar is the long way to go especially, while the power supply is unavailable, or too expensive. This is the best answer to the question of how the solar system works. Nowadays, solar lights have gathered huge attention even at the national level due to their tremendous attributes. The topmost features of solar lights are environment-friendly, reasonably priced, and energy-efficient. And the availability of a solar light online facility is a very good option for the buyers that allow them to select their desired model just seating at their place instead of visiting the shop.

Application Areas of Solar Lights

Solar lights are considered the first-ever option in providing natural energy that helps in serving varied requirements, be it a back yard, garden area, hospital campus, or a large parking lot. Apart from these, solar charging lights also cater to the necessities of some more application areas, which are as follows:
Lighting for highways or roadways
Lighting for parks and playgrounds
Solar lighting for industrial and commercial purposes
Outdoor lights for security commitments and many more areas

Types of Solar Lights

Solar lights are categorized into varied types, which include:
Solar Street Light / Solar Panel Street Light / Solar Street Lighting System
Solar Garden Light / Led Garden Light / Solar Lamp for Garden
Solar Lighting System 
Solar Emergency Light

Solar Street Light:  Solar street light is ideally used for street lighting in roadways of urban as well as rural areas. The solar street lighting system is controlled by adequate battery storage backup that facilitates to operate the light for 10 to 11 hours a day. The particular system operates by an automatic ON/OFF time switch.

The estimated price for the solar panel street light is around 24,000 rupees. But the solar street light price varies based on its capacity, models, and brands. The solar street lighting system or solar street light consists of a solar photovoltaic module, battery box, lamp post and lamp with charge controller. Moreover, solar street light is popular these days due to its easy installation, eco-friendliness, electricity-saving, and low maintenance cost. 

Solar Garden Lights: Solar garden lights or outdoor garden lights are manufactured in such a way to decorate and enhance the ambiance of garden spaces. However, LED garden lights or solar LED garden lights or solar lamps for gardens don’t give good brightness, but they are excellent for enlightening plants in the garden at night. Solar garden lights’ price is affordable that anyone can purchase. 

Solar Lighting System: The solar lighting system is an eco-friendly device that runs lights by using batteries charged over the usage of the solar photovoltaic panel. This particular lighting system consists of solar panels, LED lamp, battery, charge controller, and inverter.

Solar Emergency Light: A solar emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device functioned by solar energy and designed in such a way to switch on automatically to provide power supply when a building experiences a power outage. The solar emergency lighting system is battery-operated light and tied into the building’s power grid permanently, which helps to provide light solutions independently by using solar light.

An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Moreover, solar emergency lights are ideal in new commercial houses and high occupancy residential buildings, such as college dormitories, apartments, and hotels.

Advantages of Using Solar Lights

There are several benefits of using solar lighting systems or solar lights. Some of them are listed below:
1. Natural Power Supply
Solar lighting is an alternative option of a traditional lighting system using no power at all from the electric grid. The solar lights are completely power-driven by solar energy, hence considered as one of the world’s leading renewable energy technologies. The solar light batteries used in solar lights are recyclable. 

2. Environment-Friendly
Solar lights are environment-friendly because they do play an important role to decrease carbon imprint by producing energy from non-renewable energy sources or sunlight. Therefore, solar lights are the best option to decrease the problems caused by the exhaustion of our planet’s resources.

3. Unlimited Source
Solar energy comes to solar light is everlasting. As long as you live in a place where there is more or less sunlight, which means one can use the source of solar thermal energy infinitely. And, in this case, solar lights are the optimum choice to avail lights.
4. Low-Cost Installation
The installation cost of solar lights is very less as compared to others, running in traditional grid power. Because all wiring or cabling placed at the top of the lighting system are useful for the process of installations. Furthermore, solar lights operate through low voltage that keeps the lighting system safe for installation and maintenance.

5. Maintenance Free
The entire solar charging light is maintenance-free as the lifespan of its battery continues five to seven years. And the durability of other components of solar lights lasts up to 30+ years, which are free from maintenance.

6. Zero Electricity Bills
Users can save their electrical power bills once they start utilizing solar lights. However, buyers are required to invest one time while they purchase the solar lighting system. 

7. Available in a wide range of styles and patterns
Solar lighting system or solar light is available in numerous styles, types, sizes, shapes, and designs. It is made in such a way to serve functional purposes and aesthetically and visually attractive. There are so many options available in the market now that one can choose any solar light as per his or her requirements. 

In addition to these, there are also some other advantages of a solar lighting system. Solar lighting can be installed in environmentally sensitive areas, where network infrastructure or any electrical connections are not accessible. Solar lights are even useful for the situation when power failure caused due to extreme weather events such as storms or cyclones. It is considered the best substitute of the electrical network. Moreover, solar lighting systems due to their sophisticated battery technology can provide shine or light for five days continuously once they get recharged fully with the help of sun rays.