Solar Emergency Lights

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SolarClue offers a wide range of solar emergency lights online at economical prices, which can come very handy as far as tackling frequent short periods of darkness is concerned. At, you can find emergency lighting solutions from trusted and renowned brands and emergency lights manufactured by top companies, which have high durability with high service and battery life. On SolarClue, (one of the B2B, B2C, and B2C online portals), you can find a rechargeable home light for your household at amazing prices. Solar emergency lights are available at SolarClue are made of using good quality materials, covered under the standard warranty, and acknowledged for non-dependability.

A lot of places in India still face the problem of power outages and if you live in one of those areas facing the problem of frequent power outages, then choose that helps you meet your requirements for an affordable solution.

Key Features

·        Three modes of operations-Low, Medium, and High.

·        Built-in overcharge and undercharge protection.

·        A green alternative to traditional lighting using no power at all from the grid.

·        Practically maintenance-free, especially since the use of LED fixtures have become more popular with a 20+ year lifespan on LED lights.

·        No electrical power bills are associated with utilizing solar lighting systems as they are completely grid-free.