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Table Fan for Home Lighting & DC Solar System - 12 Inch
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Table Fan for Home Lighting & DC Solar System - 12 Inch

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Solar Universe India Table Solar Fan Set (12 W)

Solar Universe India Table Solar Fan Set (12 W)

₹ 1,099 ₹ 1,250
You Save: ₹ 151
Solar Universe Ceiling Solar Fan Set (25 W)

Solar Universe Ceiling Solar Fan Set (25 W)

₹ 3,530 ₹ 5,400
You Save: ₹ 1,870
50W Ceiling Solar Fan Set SUI

50W Ceiling Solar Fan Set SUI

₹ 2,474 ₹ 3,000
You Save: ₹ 526
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Solar fans are sunlight-utilizer for their operation and the best way to use non-renewable sources of energy while providing efficiency to the consumers. Solar-powered fans are operated using either solar panels (panels either connected with the fan or installed independently) or solar batteries to generate power. These solar fans are available in a wide range of colors, specifications, and designs that can choose from top brands at

If you are looking for quality solar fans, go online and explore a wide range of solar fans starting from a solar ceiling fan, solar table fan, solar pedestal fan and solar wall mount fan, etc. Cooling your home this summer will not be expensive because we at SolarClue have got you covered as the perfect alternative for you! We are engaged in offering a wide array of solar fans that help cool you off no matter what the temperature is outside without hampering your pocket. Get the best prices on the high range of solar fans available at our portal. is one of the fastest-growing B2B, B2C & B2C platforms that cater to all the domestic, industrial, government, and business needs as per the requirements of the consumers. All the solar products available at SolarClue’s site are obtained directly from the leading manufacturers or reliable suppliers. SolarClue delivers products at PAN India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Gujarat, Mumbai, and more.

Different Types of Solar Fans

·        Solar fans with attached solar panels: These types of solar fans get charged when in contact with direct sunlight and keep the fan running.

·        Solar fans with rechargeable solar batteries: Such types of solar fans are attached with solar batteries that can either be replaced or recharged to ensure that the fan gets the power.

·        Solar Ceiling Fans: These fans you can hang to the ceiling of any building to get proper air circulation throughout the room.

·        Solar Table Fans: These fans can provide efficient air in one particular direction.

·        Portable Solar Fans: These are popular types of solar fans that give the freedom of mobility. And, the best part is you can carry these fans and place them at your desired location whenever you want.

Advantages of Using Solar Fans

                    ·        Solar fans are environment friendly

                    ·        These fans run on solar energy, thus, reduces your electricity bills 

                    ·        The risk of any kind of electric accident is eliminated as there are no electric cords attached to solar fans

                    ·        They offer better mobility as compared to traditional fans

                    ·        The excellent battery backup that solar fans are featured with

We live in an age where the whole thing is progressing in such a way to create a revolution in every aspect. Renewable energy in the past few years has occupied a tremendous position in the industry due to its advanced technology modifications, and a range of Solar Appliances is one such example.

Solar Appliances save at least 20% energy on our total energy use, which is beneficial both from a financial and environmental perspective. It is further helpful to either cut down your energy consumption or invest in varied applications that use alternative energies. Home appliances which can run on solar energy or natural sunlight, which are known for its cost-effective solutions, and user-friendliness.   

Solar Appliances are divided into two different classifications. One is a solar photovoltaic based appliance that produces energy to power or charges DC type of electrical devices, and another one is a solar thermal system that uses the sunlight to produce solar heating which can be used for making hot water or for cooking.

The solar appliance is based on renewable forms of energy, hence benefitted in such a way to save consumers’ money through lower energy bills, and reduces dependence on the electricity grid. The government is providing subsidies and incentives to the customers, especially to rural people to make them more affordable, which again helps to use a larger number of solar appliances.

Solar appliances of SolarClue serve all your home needs at one shop destination. SolarClue, India's leading solar products firm is committed to providing the highest standard, yet innovative solutions that can take care of your solar needs. SolarClue’s solar appliance is classified into seven categories, which include Solar Lanterns, Solar Mobile Chargers, Solar Power Banks, Solar Road Signs, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Home Systems, and Solar Fans.

Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns are manufactured to maximize light and minimize power consumption. A solar lantern is designed in such a way to save around 50 liters of kerosene in a year by replacing the traditional kerosene lantern. It can be used at least for 3 to 4 hours per day. Solar Lanterns are widely acknowledged in the market due to its attributes such as powerful yet bright light capacity, long battery life, weather resistance, and wide-area dispersal of light. Furthermore, solar lanterns are available at a reasonable price and high quality.

The solar lantern is a portable yet durable lighting device, used incorporated with an integrated PV module, flexible sizes of battery to provide a full-fledged lighting facility. The Solar LED Lantern is one of the best solar appliances consists of three components, such as a CFLs of 9W or 11W rating, PV module, and a maintenance-free battery. It is commonly used for indoor as well as outdoor lighting purposes, and especially applicable for rural applications. The solar lantern can also be used to provide internal lighting facilities for one or more rooms in a building.

Solar Mobile Chargers

Solar Mobile Chargers are movable devices operated through the use of sunlight to offer the advantage of powering mobile phones. There is a wide range of solar mobile charger on the market with the capability to charge your mobile handset or smartphone, wherever you are. Solar mobile chargers are a cheaper and greener way of powering up your mobile phones.
Moreover, solar phone charger is highly beneficial in saving your money in the long run, lowering your carbon footprint and give you the satisfaction of knowing that your mobile handset gets powered by nature. 

Solar Power Banks

Solar Power Banks are battery storage unit of power that comes from solar energy or sunlight to produce electricity, which helps in charging batteries of varied electrical devices. When you are out from home, engaged in camping, trekking or hiking and away from electricity, solar power banks benefit you in charging your gadgets whenever needed. A solar power bank is generally portable, and hence, one can carry it whenever he or she wants.
When it comes to the charging of mobile phones, Bluetooth speaker, or any other required device, solar power banks offer the best solution as they can be used anytime where sunlight is there. Solar power banks are made for using as a power backup for your laptop, smartphone, or tablet when these run out of energy. Solar charger power bank can supply energy or electricity up to 4000-ampere hours and 48 volts.

Mostly, there are three different types of solar power banks available in the market. One is small or portable model, designed to charge a wide range of cell phones or mobile phones, iPod and any other small portable gadgets. The second one folds out model, designed for automobile devices. This particular model of a solar power bank is plugged into the cigar lighter socket to charge the vehicle battery. And, third is the public charger or public solar power bank, mounted in public places for people to use for free.

Solar Water Heaters 

Solar Water Heaters are used in capturing sunlight to heat water and to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity. Solar water heater is a device that generates hot water naturally and even saving your electricity cost. It is also an environment-friendly yet best solar water heater and an economical way to generate hot water for shower and bath. As far as the cost of this particular product is concerned, the solar water heater price or solar water heater cost varies from its model and capacity.  

A solar water heater is one of the foremost category of solar energy appliances capable of saving substantial energy as solar power is free in contrast to natural gas or fuel oil. Long operating life, low in maintenance cost, high quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank, and high energy yield & low heat loss are the lucrative features of solar water heaters.

Solar Home System

Solar Home Systems are stand-alone photovoltaic arrangements, which provide enough electric energy to fulfill all the power requirements of a home. Solar system for home is capable of providing AC (alternating current) power for every home use to operate lighting systems, gadgets, appliances such as computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs and music systems. Solar system for home is a cost-effective mode of supplying amenity power for lighting to meet a household's energy demand by fulfilling basic electric needs.

Solar Fans

Solar Fans are used by solar energy to remove hot air from your home and provides you with a cooling effect. Solar fans are also used in replacing electrically powered blades to keep homes comfortable during hot summers. Solar powered fan for homes is either mounted on the device or wired to a separate installation, and it does not require secondary power sources as long as when enough sunlight exists. Some of the benefits of solar fan are helpful for moisture reduction and the risk of mold in your attic space, work in off-grid areas, extend the life of your roof, help preserve the environment, and helps reduce power costs. Solar fan price is affordable that anyone can purchase as per his or her budget.

Solar Road Signs

Solar Road Signs are indicating devices and driven by solar panels, which provide a unique range of road traffic calming solutions. The solar road sign is placed at road crossings, pedestrian overpasses, and other locations to control the flows of traffic. In other words, the solar road sign is a unique range of traffic-control solution that helps drivers to manage a speed limit of his vehicle in the road.

Solar road signs are useful solar appliance to alert traffic to areas that require them to reducing road speeds and highway information. The solar road sign is a robust, long-lasting, and proven technology solution in providing traffic signaling without having to rely on the electric grid. Some of the major advantages of solar road signs are an easy installation, visible for up to 500 meters, energy-efficient, work up to 10 days continuously without sunlight, no maintenance, and adaptable to virtually any sign.