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 Table Fan for Home Lighting & DC Solar System - 12 Inch
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Table Fan for Home Lighting & DC Solar System - 12 Inch

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Solar fans are sunlight-utilizer for their operation and the best way to use non-renewable sources of energy while providing efficiency to the consumers. Solar-powered fans are operated using either solar panels (panels either connected with the fan or installed independently) or solar batteries to generate power. These solar fans are available in a wide range of colors, specifications, and designs that can choose from top brands at

If you are looking for quality solar fans, go online and explore a wide range of solar fans starting from a solar ceiling fan, solar table fan, solar pedestal fan and solar wall mount fan, etc. Cooling your home this summer will not be expensive because we at SolarClue have got you covered as the perfect alternative for you! We are engaged in offering a wide array of solar fans that help cool you off no matter what the temperature is outside without hampering your pocket. Get the best prices on the high range of solar fans available at our portal. is one of the fastest-growing B2B, B2C & B2C platforms that cater to all the domestic, industrial, government, and business needs as per the requirements of the consumers. All the solar products available at SolarClue’s site are obtained directly from the leading manufacturers or reliable suppliers. SolarClue delivers products at PAN India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Gujarat, Mumbai, and more.

Different Types of Solar Fans

·        Solar fans with attached solar panels: These types of solar fans get charged when in contact with direct sunlight and keep the fan running.

·        Solar fans with rechargeable solar batteries: Such types of solar fans are attached with solar batteries that can either be replaced or recharged to ensure that the fan gets the power.

·        Solar Ceiling Fans: These fans you can hang to the ceiling of any building to get proper air circulation throughout the room.

·        Solar Table Fans: These fans can provide efficient air in one particular direction.

·        Portable Solar Fans: These are popular types of solar fans that give the freedom of mobility. And, the best part is you can carry these fans and place them at your desired location whenever you want.

Advantages of Using Solar Fans

                    ·        Solar fans are environment friendly

                    ·        These fans run on solar energy, thus, reduces your electricity bills 

                    ·        The risk of any kind of electric accident is eliminated as there are no electric cords attached to solar fans

                    ·        They offer better mobility as compared to traditional fans

                    ·        The excellent battery backup that solar fans are featured with