Hybrid System

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Hybrid Solar System & SolarClue

The hybrid solar system is a category of solar power system that generates electricity supply by using solar energy and in the same way as the common grid-tie solar system does. Such type of system (refers to a combination of battery storage and solar systems) uses batteries to store energy for later usage and operates as backup power. Solarclue.com is one of the fastest growing B2B and B2C online platform where you can get hybrid solar systems according to the types of system you want.

Hybrid solar system is classified into three types such as All-in-one Hybrid Inverter (which contains a battery inverter/charger and solar inverter together with clever controls), All-in-one Inverter with no Back-up (works like a grid feed solar inverter which enables storage of solar energy in the battery system for the self-use), and All-in-one Inverter with Back-up (used as both an on-grid or off-grid inverter, which has a great backup capability).

Advantages of hybrid solar system:

·        Facilitates with backup power capability that helps to provide power during a blackout or grid outage like a UPS function

·        Reduces the power consumption from the grid

·        Allows consumers to store excess solar power at low-cost electricity

·        Allows using of solar energy during the evening times

·        Enables advanced management of electricity power and energy independence