Solar Power Banks

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Choose as your shopping partner where you can find the latest range of solar power banks. SolarClue offers a range of power banks from leading brands, and these lightweight and portable power banks come in various shapes, sizes and are compatible with your latest smartphones and tablets. Designed with style and durability these gadgets are equipped with smart LED indicators built-in flashlight, multiple USB port connectivity, and more.

Imagine you are on your way home, there is an unexpected important call to attend the official meeting and you realize the charge in your phone is at a bare minimum, in this case, a power bank comes handy - especially when there are no plug points around to charge your phone using a charger. The solar power banks can keep your phone batteries charged as they can charge through sunlight and allows you to make phone calls, chat, take photos, and play music whenever, wherever you are.

Advantages of Solar Power Banks

·        Charge your devices without plugging them into an outlet.

·        Solar power banks allow you to charge your devices in nature as they get charged with sunlight.

·        Their small size makes them easily portable hence, they are easy to use.

·        You can charge them by plugging them into an outlet or with solar energy directly.

·        Standby power

·        Saves you money in the long run