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What We Stand For! understands that you do care for your personal information provided, and you need to know how it is used or shared; we appreciate your trust with us to look after that sensibly. We work to keep your information safe or secure because your privacy is important to us.

We at would like to inform you our site asks to provide all your personal information before availing your preferred product and services from us. We use your data to help sellers in handling orders, delivering the ordered gamut & services, processing payment options, communicating with you about placed orders & promotional offers, recommending best products and services as per your requirements, displaying content such as wishlists & customer reviews and maintaining your accounts with us to provide you with our new projects. Therefore you are requested to read the privacy policy carefully before using the site either to buy any product or for your other business needs.

The feedback we receive from the valued customers helps us to identify the problem and improve their shopping experience at Moreover, we also use your private info to improve our platform, prevent against any fraud or abuses of our website and support third parties to carry out all the technical, logistical and several other utilities on our behalf.

Personal Information Collected

Personal information collected from the users is required for us to identify the customers and retain them with us for the future. The assortment of customers’ personal detail such as name, contact number, email address, postal address, and payment modes are used to provide products & services as per their specifications provided. In addition to these, we do collect your details through the use of third-party platforms such as social media facilities, and business services. This means, we also can get some of the information about your details like username, profile picture, friend list, and activity profile while you access our services through social media platforms.

Gathering of personal information of any user is helpful to improve our services to meet the maximum customer satisfaction while they shop with us. However, you have the choice not to reveal certain info, but you might not be availing of the benefits of several features provided by us.

Cookies uses temporary cookies to store certain data for further reference. Cookies generally store the data (usually not personal) that is used by us, including our service providers for technical administration of the website, and research & development. Cookies are alphanumeric, and we transfer cookies to your computer's hard drive through your web browser to enable our systems to recognize your browser details.

Cookies are used to customize the site for visitors and show ads related to that page. This data is used for serving advertisements, which in turn, may be used by the third parties to recognize unique cookies on your browser. We make sure not to store any personal identity in the cookies.

Sharing of Personal Data shares and disclose certain personal data to third-party services who are working on behalf of us. The work of third parties may include delivery of products, fulfilling your request, sending emails, and whether products' selling status (already sold out or yet to be sold). We ensure the third parties are authorized and responsible to keep your information secured, and not allowing any unauthorized services to access them.

We share a few other details like device location and network carriers when you access our services. We ensure that the bank account number, credit card number, and password of the mail id will not be accessed by any advertisers and marketers.

***We have the right to do any modification or alteration for the privacy policy anytime. But do not worry, any changes occur to this policy will be posted.