On-Grid System


2 kwatt on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 145,000 ₹ 190,000
You Save: ₹ 45,000

3 kwatt on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 196,801 ₹ 260,000
You Save: ₹ 63,199

4 kwatt on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 255,400 ₹ 320,000
You Save: ₹ 64,600

5 kwatt, 1Phase on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 310,000 ₹ 410,000
You Save: ₹ 100,000

5 kwatt, 3 Phase on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 326,445 ₹ 435,000
You Save: ₹ 108,555

10 kwatt, 3 Phase on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 612,872 ₹ 810,000
You Save: ₹ 197,128

6 kwatt, 3 Phase on-Grid Solar Power System

₹ 389,572 ₹ 520,000
You Save: ₹ 130,428
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On-grid Solar Power System is the most popular power system used by a maximum number of people. Since the rapid advancements of technology in the field of solar energy has increased, people are using solar power system more and more. What is the on-grid solar power system? The on-grid solar system is a solar PV system, which is used to generate power when the utility power grid is available. The on-grid system is connected to the utility grid to send excess power generated back to the grid when you overproduce, and hence you credit it for later use.

The electricity produced by the on-grid system routes to the grid from where it is used by the consumers to run their various appliances. One of the foremost benefits of this system is to pay for itself by offsetting utility bills even in 3-8 years. Furthermore, the on-grid solar power system is the most cost-effective to purchase, fuss-free, useful to reduce carbon footprint, easy to install, and easy to maintain. 

The on-grid solar power system is also known as a grid-tie solar system widely used by homes and businesses. This type of power system does not need any battery and uses common solar inverters by connecting to the public electricity grid. The on-grid solar panel system is unable to generate electricity during a blackout due to safety reasons. However, it only works when there is a constant electricity supply from the power grid.

SolarClue is one of the best platforms where people can purchase an on-grid solar system for different capacities such as 1kw, 2kws, 3kws, 5kws, and 10kws. The on-grid solar power system price varies from one brand to another available with SolarClue.

Components of on-grid solar power system

Solar Panels
Solar Inverter
Complete Accessories

Benefits of using on-grid solar power system

1. Zero Electricity Bills: The consumers do require to pay only for the surplus electricity they consume because the solar on-grid system is installed even on the rooftop and connected to the utility grid. However, the excess electricity feds back in the grid if the consumers utilize less electricity on any month.

2. Easy Maintenance and Simple Installation: Since the on-grid solar power system even in India is operated not to using any battery, which makes its maintenance quite easy. Further, it is operated using the least number of parts hence known for simple installation.
3. Passive Income Generation: The consumer can charge for the surplus electricity, which he or she generates because the on-grid power system generally connects to the grid. It provides cost benefits for the excess electricity generated and also eliminates your electricity bills. 

Some other advantages of the on-grid solar power system are as follows:
Fully utilizes the solar in priority and then remaining power take from the grid
Uses as the most economically viable system where battery bank is not required
Helps to lower your fuel consumption even to run the generator when the power goes off
Reduces both the power and diesel consumption

How does on-grid solar power system work?

The arrangement of solar modules or on-grid solar power plant works in such a way to absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity. The electricity generated here in the solar on-grid power system is Direct Current (DC). And the solar inverter then converts the DC to Alternating Current (AC), thus making it power the electrical items.

This electricity with the use of net meter is then routed to the grid and supplied for day to day use. The net meter is a device that records the energy supplied to the grid and the energy consumed. At the end of each month, the outstanding is recorded and provided to the consumer with a bill.

It is recommended to use the on-grid solar power system if you want to reduce your electricity bill and having a reliable grid where power cut happens in the day time and less than 2 hours.