Static Image bears no additional charge for shipping the items, nor bears any extra charges that you need to pay at the time of provides no hidden charges such as sales tax, octroi etc., which needs to be paid during the purchase of the products from, you are required to pay only the amount written along with the product. The price listed on the items is the final amount which you need to pay.


No shipping of items at my location, why?

                                        usually provides shipping of items to all locations all over India, but sometimes may fail to ship an item at particular locations. This might be because of availability of courier services at that location, or there might be legal restrictions of shipping a particular item, etc. Therefore, suggests the customers to first check if the products can be shipped to your location or not.


No COD at my area, why?


Availability of COD depends on ability of reliable courier partner service at your area to accept cash as payment at the time of delivery. In case COD is not available at our location, will display a message saying ‘COD not available at your area’ and will not allow you to purchase the product through COD instead will suggest you to pay from different payment techniques like online transactions.


How shipping is done by


At present we ship products both heavy and light products by ground couriers. For other products that cannot be shipped we take help of speed post to deliver items.


How many days to deliver the product? requires only 3-4 days to deliver the product after it has been dispatched. For areas that are not Metros, it may require an additional 2 days to deliver the product.

How to track my order?


When you purchase any product from, you will immediately receive an email provided with a link to track the status of your product. The status includes, where the item is currently and you will get an idea in how many days you can receive the item.