Off Grid Inverter

Luminous NXT 12.5 KVA , 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

Luminous NXT 12.5 KVA , 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

₹ 139,720 ₹ 199,990
You Save: ₹ 60,270
Luminous NXT 9.5 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

Luminous NXT 9.5 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

₹ 125,210 ₹ 174,990
You Save: ₹ 49,780
Luminous NXT 7.5 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

Luminous NXT 7.5 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

₹ 78,680 ₹ 149,900
You Save: ₹ 71,220
Luminous NXT 3.75 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

Luminous NXT 3.75 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

₹ 48,000 ₹ 74,445
You Save: ₹ 26,445
Luminous NXT 2.5 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

Luminous NXT 2.5 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

₹ 42,990 ₹ 64,990
You Save: ₹ 22,000
Luminous NXT 1.25 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

Luminous NXT 1.25 KVA, 1 Phase off-Grid Solar Inverter

₹ 28,150 ₹ 53,440
You Save: ₹ 25,290
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What does mean by Off-Grid Solar Power System?

Off-Grid Solar System is a type of solar power system run by generating electricity from solar panels and using it to charge a solar battery through a charging controller. That electricity is then adapted using an inverter, which helps to power the home appliances or business’ equipment. The off-grid solar system is not connected in any way to your grid’s power system, hence, providing 100% self-sustaining energy for your usage.

Off-grid solar power systems (entirely self-sustaining) allow you to store and save your solar power or natural energy in batteries for future use, especially when the power grid goes down. The foremost advantage of using the off-grid solar system for home is to run household applications with solar energy during night or anytime when there is less sun exposure and only by saving the electricity in a solar battery.

The solar power system is also known as a stand-alone power system and acknowledged in the market due to several reasons like cheapest price than extending power lines in certain remote areas, 100% independence from electricity retailers, and 100% insured against rising energy prices.

On the other hand, the off-grid solar system for home uses as an appropriate alternative in the remote areas where the grid is unavailable for power supply. SolarClue is an online platform where people can buy a solar power system (Off-grid) on different brands like Supreme, V-Guard, Varistor Solar, and Luminous. The solar system price is varied from one brand to another available with SolarClue.

Components of an Off-Grid Solar Power System

Total of five components used in off-grid solar power system, which are as follows:

Solar Panel – It is one of the important elements of the off-grid solar power system. The solar panel operates based on by depending on the amount of available sunlight in the region, the usable space of roof, and energy consumption needs.

Solar Battery – It is another component of the off-grid solar system and useful to allow the home to continue to run after the sun goes down. Solar battery or solar storage device is responsible for charging the home appliances throughout the day as solar panels generate excess electricity. This is capable of storing solar power for later use of running the household appliances.

Solar Inverter - Solar power system prerequisites a solar inverter to convert the direct current (DC) collected by the solar panel into the alternating current (AC) that enables to run the household appliances and electronics. A stand-alone inverter is an ideal option for off-grid system use. Solar inverters are referred to as a solar converter or a PV inverter.

Solar Charge Controller - The solar charge controller is necessary to save battery backup for operating the different household electronic products. The controller is used in regulating the voltage that solar battery receives, to prevent overcharging, and any damage.

Off-Grid Generator System - It is considered an alternative source of energy as a backup of the system. This is the main requirement during the pick winters when solar production is at its lowest. Off-grid generator systems are also useful to power a home’s electricity needs.

Advantages of Off-Grid Solar System

·         Easy installation and helps in keeping the environment clean and green

·         Works independently and does not rely on the grid as power outages can occur without any warning

·         Facilitates in generating enough power that can be stored and used at night or when the power grid is down

·         Useful for remote areas where there is no power access from the grid

·         Grid failures and shutdowns do not affect your power supply

·         Helps in reducing electricity costs

Application Areas of Off-grid Solar Power Systems

    • Rural and remote areas - Off-grid solar system offers electricity supply in rural and remote areas with the facilities of long-term and sustainable power generation.

    • In areas with frequent electricity cuts – Off-grid system provides power back up facilities to those areas, which are facing frequent power cuts due to power transmission malfunctions. 


Solar Inverter is an indispensable device used in any solar power system utilizing sunlight or solar energy. A solar inverter is useful in changing the DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) using solar power. In other words, the solar inverter is used to change the variable Direct Current (DC) output of the solar products into Alternating Current (AC). And this AC power is pushed into your home to operate your appliances, be it a bulb, fan, or home system.

A solar inverter is just an inverter operated using energy from the sun, which helps several devices working by DC power to run them on AC power. In this way, the consumers can use AC power to operate their required piece of equipment. One can ask why to use Solar Inverter instead of using a normal electric one. The answer is simple - solar inverter makes use of solar energy or sunlight, which is clean and pollution-free.

Usage of DC current and AC current as per Application Areas
Direct Current electricity from the solar inverter is used to operate LED light, a cell phone charger, Bluetooth speaker and many more small devices that require less power consumption.
Alternating Current power from solar inverter is utilized for running your big appliances such as TV, refrigerator, and microwave, which require heavy power to run properly.

Advantages of Using Solar Inverter
Helps in diminishing the impact of unnatural weather change as it works through sunlight
Help in retaining ecological balance, and decreases the greenhouse effect 
Helps you to save money or electricity cost in the long run
Known as a reliable and consistent source of energy that can change direct current (DC ) into alternating current (AC)
Acts as multifunctional electronic device that uses to convert direct current into alternating current to help large energy consumers
Beneficial for cost-efficiency, easy installation as compared to generators
Easy to maintain as it works fine even with regular maintenance

Types of Solar Inverter

There are diverse arrays of Solar Inverters available in the market. Some of them are listed below. 

1. Grid Tie Inverter or On-Grid Solar Inverter
Grid Tie Inverter or On-Grid Inverter is a type of solar inverter connected to the grid by using solar energy. It produces a pure sine wave that is compatible with the AC waveform produced by the grid. Grid Tie inverter is designed and developed in such a way to automatically turn itself off during the time of power losses to ensure safety or security. For this reason, this particular inverter is unable to provide emergency power during such times (when power not exists). 

Grid Tie Inverter is also known as PV inverter that allows consumers to drive any unused or surplus solar energy, which your system has generated back into the grid. And consumers can or cannot receive a feed-in tariff for this electricity (depends on users’ electricity provider, and area of residence). 

On-Grid Solar Inverter generally requires its arrangement to be installed with anti-islanding protection. Islanding is a kind of procedure where Grid Tie inverter are deceived and utility grid still functioning even if it has been turned off. It happens due to load circuits produces in the electrical system. When it comes to the cost of such a product, on-grid solar inverter price is varied from one brand to another, based on its capacity.

It is recommended to use Grid Tie solar inverter for home purposes, which can be powered by a utility grid to use a grid tie inverter in their solar system. Moreover this is highly beneficial for the consumers when it comes to electricity saving. 

2. Hybrid Solar Inverter
Hybrid Solar Inverter performs the same function as a normal inverter does. It is another kind of inverter, which converts DC electricity into AC electricity that your home can use. It also can use in charging and discharging your solar battery bank.

A hybrid inverter with solar battery charging is a cost-effective solution and convenient to install as compared to other types of inverters (a standard string and battery inverter). The majority of hybrid inverters are installed without batteries, which provide you the flexibility to retrofit a solar battery in the future when required. Hybrid Inverter is known as a multi-mode inverter because it can use to plug batteries into your solar power system, and interfaces the battery by using a technique called DC coupling. People can purchase it as per their requirement as Hybrid Solar Inverter price is reasonable in India, irrespective of its size and volume. 

3. Off-Grid Solar Inverter
Off-Grid Inverter is one of the categories of solar inverter, responsible for the conversion of DC (generates by the system’s panels) into AC electricity to use varied home appliances, and commercial equipment. Off-Grid Solar Inverter can transfer excess solar electricity into the grid for consumer’s future use. And, for this reason, Off-Grid inverter is used especially in remote areas, where the house owner can separate it from the grid as per his requirement. 

The utmost benefit of using Off-Grid inverter solar system gives your home greater energy independence that means your home is no longer at risk to power disruption caused by the grid or electric tower. Off-Grid Solar Inverter comes with a built-in AC charger alternative, which is also beneficial for users by allowing them to connect it with a backup generator and charge any battery.