Static Image is an AI powered India’s biggest online marketplace that aims to offer a wide range of solar products and services. SolarClue has established the main objective to associate with varied manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and customers. SolarClue is having 12k+ Pin code serviceable with 46+ products category with 1000+ Products range. is a young company blessed with a team of experienced professionals such as engineers, content, products, marketing and many more. They are committed to giving utmost efforts in providing 100% client satisfaction by providing them with solar products they desire. SolarClue uses deep technology to educate consumers about Solar Products and its benefits.


At, our mission is to become a leading marketplace of solar products in India, where customers can find their desired items easily and buy, or sell those without any confusion.  Varied clients whether it’s a B2B (Business to Business), or B2C (Business to Customer) customer, they all can choose the SolarClue brand for their personal and business needs.

Why SolarClue?

There are various reasons for which people can opt for when they want to buy any solar product at an online platform. Some of the causes are listed below:

  • When people experience, like how do they know about the vendor base, which is the best of knowledge and experience
  • While they face difficulties to find a vendor in the solar industry who can give quality products and proper knowledge for solar techniques
  • While an individual gets confused to choose a vendor who can quote the best possible price as per market
  • While in a doubt about the warranty of the products and after installation services
  • People can choose SolarClue as it provides all the government procedures and clearances
  • Many persons get to know what will be the return on investment, before buying any solar product

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