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Solarclue.com is one of the trusted online platforms that offer a wide range of VRLA batteries at cost-effective solutions. Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are flat plate batteries that do not require topping up and emit any fumes or gases continuously. They are completely sealed and therefore eliminate the risk of acid spillage during transportation.  Further, these can be mounted in any orientation and do not require any constant maintenance due to their special construction. Hence, they are used for high-end applications of standby power like UPS, Electric Converter, Railway Communications, Security Systems, etc.

Common Application Areas:

·        Online UPS

·        Off-Grid solar and wind power

·        Fire Alarm & Security Systems

·        Telecom Industry

·        Medical instruments

·        Emergency Lighting and many more

Salient Features

·        These batteries give 1800 cycles at 50% DOD.

·        Excellent recovery from deep discharge.

·        No water topping up required ever resulting in saving of hundreds of liters of distilled water and manpower required for topping up throughout life of battery.

·        The gas recombination technology cycle effectively nullifies generation of gas during normal use resulting in no emission of corrosive fumes under normal operative conditions and hence no elaborate air exhaust system is required.

·        Antimony free alloy is used and hence self-discharge is less than 0.5% per week of C10 capacity at 27°C.

·        Factory charged and ready to use, hence no delay between receipt and use resulting in instant power source.

A solar battery is simply a battery charged and stored with solar power or energy and discharges power or solar electricity when needed. Solar batteries are rechargeable and used in off-grid PV systems to store excess electricity for future use. Some categories of solar battery banks use wet cells, whereas others use sealed or gel cell batteries and both the categories of batteries have their different requirements in terms of temperature, mounting, and ventilation.

Solar batteries are C10 rating deep cycle batteries designed to connect with the best solar charge controllers, inverters for providing power backup at night. Solar batteries are designed in such a way to charge with the help of solar panels by collecting sunlight in the day time. The solar battery and charger operate with its only component like lead, which requires water top-up maintenance in 3-6 months.

SolarClue is the best platform where people can buy their preferred solar batteries on varied brand names, be it a Luminous or Okaya. The solar battery is a very good option for home.

Advantages of Solar Battery

·         Helps in reducing your electricity bills permanently

·         Contributes to a sustainable future personally

·         Optimizes your self-consumption of your PV system’s energy

·         Declares your independence from large energy suppliers

·         Provides portable energy solution as it can use anywhere

Types of Solar Batteries

There are different types of solar batteries available in the market. There is not much difference in batteries of varied types, except warranty and lifespan. Classification of the type of solar batteries are as follows:

                      ·         Flat Plate Battery

                      ·         Tubular Battery

                      ·         VRLA Battery

                      ·         GEL Battery

SolarClue on two different brands provides Tabular Batteries, which are built-in tall height. This kind of batteries manufactured using three main chemical compositions, such as lead-acid, lithium-ion, and saltwater.


Battery Backup Time, Warranty and its Price

The backup time of solar battery depends upon its AH (Ampere Hour) and the higher the battery AH, the higher will be the battery backup time. Generally, a 150 AH battery gives a backup of around 3 hours on 400-watt power consumption. 150 AH is bestselling rating battery especially in India, for example, it can last up to 3-4 hours if you use LED lights, few ceiling fans, LED Television, mobile phones, and laptop charging. For higher duration backup, one can go for those batteries which are having higher AH.

The warranty for every solar battery offers based on two aspects, i.e., Replacement Warranty and Pro-Rata Warranty. In case, your battery fails, during the replacement warranty period, the particular Brand is responsible to replace it with a new battery. And, during the pro-rata warranty period, a new battery is offered at a discounted price, known as buyback offer.

The solar battery price is most importantly, dependent on its AH and Warranty. The other important factors which impact the cost of batteries are Brand, replacement warranty offered on batteries, the capacity of the battery measured in Ampere Hour (AH). The solar battery price in India is uneven since 60% of batteries manufactured by local manufacturers, and the rest 40% captured by different brands.