Power-One 3 kwatt, 1 Phase Hybrid Solar Power Inverter

Power-One 3 kwatt, 1 Phase Hybrid Solar Power Inverter

₹ 101,133 ₹ 169,400
You Save: ₹ 68,267
Power-One 2 kwatt, 1 Phase Hybrid Solar Power Inverter

Power-One 2 kwatt, 1 Phase Hybrid Solar Power Inverter

₹ 80,879 ₹ 125,400
You Save: ₹ 44,521
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An Overview

Power-One is a leading manufacturer and exporter of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion yet management solutions in the industry. Established in 1992 and based in Camarillo, CA, USA, Power-One is recognized as the world’s second-largest manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters. Power-One is the pioneer in the field of renewable energy products such as uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), Solar-on-grid inverter (grid-tie inverter), Solar Hybrid Inverters, Solar Off-Grid Inverters, and Solar Power Plants. The entire gamut of products including a solar inverter for home on Power-One is in demand across the domain due to its reliability, efficiency, easy installation, and long service life.

Power-One is incorporated with the state-of-the-art yet modern industrial factory, manufacturing unit, sales office, and R&D in Asia, Europe, and America that help the company to serve clients with the fastest customer service.

Product Portfolio

           ·         UPS:

       o   Online UPS System

       o   Line Interactive UPS System

           ·         Transformers:

           ·         Servo Controlled Stabilizer:

           ·         Frequency Converter:

           ·         Solar Inverter:

       o   Grid Tie Inverter

       o   Hybrid Solar Inverter

           ·         Solar Power System:

       o   Grid-connected Roof Top Solar PV System

       o   Off-grid Roof Top Solar PV System

           ·         Solar Water Pumping System:

       o   Solar PV Array

       o   Array Junction Box

       o   Solar Pump Inverter

       o   Loads

Power-One Solar Inverter on SolarClue Platform

The most efficient and safe solar inverters on the Power-One brand are available on the SolarClue - an online platform based in Bengaluru, India. The entire range of solar inverters on SolarClue is available at different pricing categories, which starts from 33,278 rupees to 239,156 rupees. Additionally, Power-One solar inverter systems with different capacities such as 1 KW, 2 KW, 3 KW, 4 KW, 5 KW, 6 KW, 7 KW, 8 KW, 9 KW, 10 KW, 50 KW, and some other sizes are available on the Solarclue platform. The solar inverters price list (cost) in India varies from one capacity to another and customers can buy their desired solar inverters like best solar inverters as per their budget.

Why Choose Power-One Solar Inverter?

              ·         A one-stop-shop for all your Power needs

              ·         Professional Installation

              ·         A quick response time to solve customers' problem

              ·         Customer satisfaction comes before anything else

              ·         Delivering the best products with the greatest service

              ·         Affordable price