300 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Anywhere Solar Water Heater

300 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Anywhere Solar Water Heater

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M.R.P.: ₹ 159,100
Price: ₹ 146,265
You Save: ₹ 12,835 (8%)
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Product Code: EM-300FPC7.1
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  • Work well with Hard Water 
  • Maximum Hardness of Water should be less than 2000 ppm
  • Application: Pressurized (Main Tank can be lower than the solar water heater tank)
  • Ideal for maximum 8 person, 3 Bathroom Connection
  • 3 Years Warranty 
  • Tank Volume- 300 Litre
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
  • Double Jacketed type heat exchanger model offering strongest protection against water hardness and no freezing of water in extreme cold conditions
  • Glass enamel lining in the inner tank provides strong protection against corrosion.
  • 12 watt solar panel powers the circulation pump that continuously circulates the glycol-water mixture between the collector and the tank resulting in high heat transfer efficiency.
  • Advanced Solar Glass in the inner tank provides strong protection against corrosion.
  • Full Plate abosrber provides greater area for absorbing of sunlight resulting in faster heating of water.
  • Electricity Bill Savings: 4500 units/year 
  • Expansion tank integrated into the solar tank and compact piping offers better overall aesthetics
  • Internal expansion tank & compact piping resulting in better aesthetics.
  • Screw less collector minimizes heat losses and offer better aesthetics.
  • Lesser floor area occupied compared to the usual design.
Capacity: 300 LPD/ 300 Litre
Electrical Back Up 3 Kwatt
Heat Exchanger YES
Inner Tank Material Low carbon steel (with glass enamel lining)
Max Operating Pressure 10 bar
Number of Collector 2
Pressure Pressurized Applications
Product Certification BIS, MNRE Approved
Space Required 2.5 m x 3.6 m
Tank Insulation PUF 50mm (High Density polyurethane foaming)
Tank Protection Magnesium Anode
Type : Flat Plate Collector (FPC)
Warranty 3 Years

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Product Description

Solarizer Anywhere is a special solar hot water system from EMMVEE series. The solar system uses a small photovoltaic module to power a pump that circulate the heat exchange medium between the solar collector and storage tank. The tank of this system is mounted below the solar collector and therefore the system is very compact. The floor area occupied by the system is also very small compared to conventional solar system. Solarizer Anywhere’s screw-less collector is fitted with stylish translucent glass to give a discrete and modern look. An internal expansion tank and compact piping minimize the impact on the architectural design of your home. Easy mounting for sloped roofs makes it suitable for all architectural styles.

All capacity solar water heater price list is available. 300 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Anywhere Solar Water Heater is sufficient for 10-12 people. A 500 liter solar water heater is best for homes. The current situation of our environment calls for an energy revolution. To combat the threats of global warming and growing pollution due to fuels, the world must shift from non-renewable energy sources towards more stable alternative. The most viable alternative option at this time is solar energy.  

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