Emmvee Solarizer

200 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Spring PR Solar Water Heater

200 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Spring PR Solar Water Heater

₹ 49,875 ₹ 56,200
You Save: ₹ 6,325
300 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Spring PR Solar Water Heater

300 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Spring PR Solar Water Heater

₹ 76,125 ₹ 85,500
You Save: ₹ 9,375
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EMMVEE is one of the top-notch companies that deal with Solar Power Solutions. Established in 1992, we at EMMVEE are committed to manufacturing a comprehensive range of Solar Water Heating Systems, Photovoltaics, and other industrial products.  We grow towards maintaining a qualitative and quantitative approach in the entire business, be it a production process, product range, and service portfolio.

EMMVEE emphasizes on innovative quality management and also keeps a long-term business relationship with renowned component manufacturers to ensure long-lasting product efficiency. EMMVEE is blessed with a total of 650 workforces who work hard to offer exact solutions as per the requirements of clients. The company is also incorporated with several suppliers, located in different locations across the world that enables to serve the clients’ demand timely.

EMMVEE has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 500 MW production capacity in Bangalore, India that is capable of producing high quality products using the most modern production facilities.

Products that EMMVEE dealing in

EMMVEE specializes in producing photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic systems for On-grid and Off-grid applications and using state-of-the-art machinery in its manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru. EMMVEE, with the brand name Solarizer, is also producing the most reliable solar water heating systems or solar water heaters. EMMVEE Solar Water Heater is one of the best products, which acquire a tremendous position in the industry. EMMVEE solarizer solar water heater is available on the SolarClue platform, starting its price from Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 175,000.

Most selling products on EMMVEE – 200LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Spring AV Solar Water Heater, 300 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Anywhere Solar Water Heater, 500 LPD EMMVEE Solarizer Spring AV Solar Water Heater

Quality- our pledge

Our entire range of products is developed using quality imported materials from Germany, which go through a stringent quality inspection during the production process. EMMVEE’s team of quality controllers check the entire business process thoroughly, which is capable of delivering enhanced quality products.

We make sure that all our photovoltaic modules are TUV certified and meeting European and international requirements. In addition to this, certain modules of EMMVEE have received US certification from Underwriters Laboratories and UK certification from MCS and Australian registration from Clean Energy Council. And, the annual TUV (German technical inspection agency) inspections and approval of our production facilities are proof of our high-quality standard products.

Why select EMMVEE for solar water heater?

                ·     The most reliable and efficient hot water systems

                ·     EMMVEE Solarizer solar water heater is safe and economical

                ·     The water heater incorporated with glass enamel tank

                ·     TUV certification, US certification, and UK certification approved

                ·     Prevents heat loss as the coated tanks get insulated with a high-density insulation material