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What is Solar Energy/Solar Power? 

It is difficult to even imagine a day without power as most of the population becomes familiar with the modern-day lifestyle. With the higher demand for electric power, it’s very obvious that power failure has become common. Thus, one must look for alternative power sources, and it is natural to seek the greenest energy source, namely solar energy. 

Solar energy generally works by converting light energy (sunrays) from the sun into electricity. One of the most effective ways to use solar energy is to convert solar energy or solar power into electrical energy, and this process is done by using a solar panel that works on the principle of photovoltaic cells (PV cells). Photovoltaic (PV) energy creates by using flat solar panels that can be fixed to a structure's roof or arrayed across open spaces. This technology is also capable of delivering the necessary quantity of hot water at the required temperature. There are still many ways to profit from solar energy, especially when oil prices are low, and when the price of fossil fuels is high. 

Renewable energy sources/solar power for home are typically more in demand, especially when the affordable cost/price comes into the picture. In addition to this, one important part incorporated with solar equipment is FPC technology (Flat Plate Collector), which captures solar energy to use that energy to heat water in the home for bathing, washing, and to heating outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs.

Types of Solar Energy Products

There are diverse categories of solar products listed below:

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Street Lights

Solar Power Systems

Monocrystalline solar panel 

Polycrystalline solar panel

On-grid Solar Systems

Off-grid Solar Systems

Solar Geysers

Solar Inverters

Solar Lanterns

Solar Panels for Homes

Solar Lights

Solar Products and their Importance in India

The importance of solar products in India is increasing rapidly because of operating through the natural energy of sunlight. Solar products are generally used and operated by charging through sunlight. The status of renewable energy is clean that has turned its focus on solar power or solar energy. 

Now the question arises how they work? Let’s get understand. Solar energy or solar power harnesses the abundant resource, called the sun, which is considered as the most well distributed natural source of energy and in this way, solar products generally collect energy to get operated. Therefore, solar energy has become a more viable option for consumers nowadays.  

Solar energy produces to help operating solar panels, which are fixed on the terrace of any building to produce electricity and using sunlight. Therefore, solar energy-based products are not only trustworthy and long-lasting devices but also very lucrative and efficient ones. 

The most beneficial factor of using solar products or making such devices operational is to access them with green, reliable, and pollution-free, and free source of solar energy. Other foremost traits are the utilization of advanced technologies and affordable pricing in terms of electricity saving. Solar-energy based applications are fast catching-up because energy saving is the need of the hour.