45 watt Intelizon Zonstreet Li++ Solar LED Street Lights with CCTV camera with Hotspot
45 watt Intelizon Zonstreet Li++ Solar LED Street Lights with CCTV camera with Hotspot

45 watt Intelizon Zonstreet Li++ Solar LED Street Lights with CCTV camera with Hotspot

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Brand: Intelizon
Product Code: IN-45-Z++CCTV


Elegantly designed solar LED streetlight with camera is one of the revolutionary innovations in solar technology. A perfect crime deterrent solution to create safe cities. Design includes in-built CCTV, motion sensor, Li-ion battery, smart charge controller & driver.

These solar lighting systems offer an environment friendly and economical option to light up streets, boulevards, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports or indeed, any public space.

Key features:

  • Save energy - inbuilt motion sensor which varies light intensity with movement
  • Inbuilt CCTV camera - crime deterrent
  • Intelizon app to view live feed & recording (1 - 4 weeks)
  • High efficient solar LED street lighting (45 watt LED)
  • Best in class Nichia LED, Samsung/LG
  • Battery with BMS & smart charge controller
  • Fast and low installation cost- inbuilt Li battery
  • Highly Durable & Reliable products > 10 Years of field operating products
  • Automatic ON/OFF with integrated sensor.
  • Self Autonomy> 10 days in cloudy conditions.
  • Pressure die cast aluminum body for improving led life. Rechargeable. 
  • No maintenance lithium ion batteries. 
  • Inbuilt smart charge controller + driver >97%
  • High efficiency electronics and thermal management. Solar Panel: minimum 10 years life. 
  • IP65 complaint design.
  • 2 Years warranty

  • Application:

  • Street light.
  • Garden light.
  • Main gate light.
  • Foot path light.  
  • Agriculture uses (Farm houses).
  • Parking light.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Commercial sector.
  • Specifications
    AccessoriesInbuilt Smart Charge Controller with driver having efficiency >97%, Motion Sensor to save energy, inbuilt CCTV for crime deterrent solution
    BackupEvening to Morning with 10 days Self Autonomy
    Battery Specification16.47 Ah, 14.2 V or 234 Wh/Li
    CablingWireless - zero cabling cost; zero electricity loss
    Panel Capacity80 watt
    Product CertificationMNRE, NABL, IEC, BIS, UL, LM79, LM80, IP65, IK8, CISPR-15
    Type of ProductSolar LED Street Light
    Weight16 kg
    Battery Capacity16.47 Ah

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    Product Description

    SolarClue brought you the world’s most reliable solar outdoor lightning solution.45 Watt Intelizon Zonstreet L++ Solar LED Street Light is a light plus surveillance system with inbuilt CCTV and LED running on solar and an inbuilt dimmer, lithium ion battery and light sensor. The integration of Camera to the light unit provides a wireless state of the art surveillance system combining outdoor lighting with security. It contains 3MP camera with memory card for 1 to 4 week recording. It is a waterproof system. The lithium ion battery will work even under cloudy conditions. Low installation cost and zero maintenance costs. You can use smartphone app to view live feed as well as recording. Zonstreet is widely used in college and commercial campus areas to light up gardens and for perimeter area. It replaces the 40W tube light and has been widely accepted by gram panchayats for village lighting. Zonstreet Li++ provides high quality digital image which you can retrieve in your smartphone app. You can connect the CCTV camera with wifi or hostspot for live video streaming on your smart phone. It gives high quality color night footage on like most surveillance cameras. 45 watt solar light online, Intelizon Zonstreet light price, smart solar light with CCTV camera, solar lights with the lithium-ion battery.

    Definition of Solar Street Light

    A solar street light is an effective outdoor lighting source operated through the use of solar energy. Solar Street Light is a recent technological innovation for lighting solutions, powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels. The PV panels having rechargeable batteries are fixed on the lighting structure or in the pole to provide power supply to the solar LED street light or street lamp during the night.

    The solar panels or PV panels are designed in such a way to feed natural light source or sunlight. This enables the street light to provide sufficient light during the night, or cloudy days even for a couple of days when the sun’s energy is not available. People are switching to solar street lights these days due to several causes such as lesser maintenance, environment-friendly, eliminates your carbon footprints contribution, and handy solutions to lighting problems. Even solar street lights in India is also popular only because of these reasons. SolarClue is an online platform where people can find several solar street light manufacturers to purchase their preferred street light at different pricing portfolios. 

    Components of Solar Street Light

    Solar Street Light is manufactured using five components, such as Solar Panel, Lighting Fixture, Rechargeable Battery, Controller, and Pole. 
    Solar Panel or PV Panel: - It is the main component of the solar street light that helps to convert solar energy into electricity. The solar panel is divided into two different types, mono-crystalline, and poly-crystalline.
    Lighting Fixture: - Lighting fixtures like LED is another component used in solar street light that helps in providing much higher Lumens (total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source) with lower consumption of power. The primary benefit of an LED fixture is to consume energy consumption of about 50% lesser than the HPS fixture.
    Rechargeable Battery: - It is used in collecting electricity from solar panels and stores it during the day time to provide power supply to the fixture during the night. Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery and Lead Acid Battery are two different types of rechargeable batteries.
    Controller: - It is also a crucial element of a solar street light. A controller is a vital part that decides when to switch on or off the charging battery and lighting system.
    Pole: - It is an essential part of a solar street lighting system. Pole is built-in supporting the fixtures, panels, and batteries as they get mounted on the top of the pole.

    Types of Solar Street Lights

    There is a total of four types of solar street lights available in the market. 
    1. Off-Grid Split Type Solar Street Light System
    2. Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System (Grid-Tie Single Inverter, Grid-Tie Micro-Inverter)
    3. Solar & Wind Hybrid Solar Street Light System
    4. All-In-One Solar Street Light System

    Working Principle or Functionalities of Solar Street Light

    The optimum functionality of solar street light is to offering lightning solutions at night for several streets and by using natural energy called sunlight. A solar street light is generally functioned by PV solar cells that convert the energy of sunlight into electrical energy by the use of the semiconductor material of the device. This entire process of energy conversion (called a photovoltaic effect or Photovoltaic cells) is used in storing solar power in batteries during the day and provides proper light at night with illumination reduced to 10lux.

    After this, the solar cells board is used to open the circuit voltage of about 4.5V. Then the charging and discharging controller is used to protect the battery and detects movement of the voltage value. This entire process is the working principle of solar street lights. 

    Advantages of Solar Street Light
    The operation cost is inexpensive as the solar street light independently works
    Known as a pollution-free source of producing electricity to offer lighting solutions
    It is used not by utilizing any external wires hence, negligible chances of occurrence of accidents happened
    It has lower chances of overheating
    Easy accessibility of smart street light in remote areas because the parts of this lighting system carry easily.