Panasonic - 385Wp Mono Crystalline PERC HALF CUT cells solar module
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Panasonic - 385Wp Mono Crystalline PERC HALF CUT cells solar module

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 Panasonic - 380Wp MONO PERC 72 cell solar PV module
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Panasonic - 380Wp MONO PERC 72 cell solar PV module

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Know About Panasonic Solar Module / Panel:

Panasonic is an eminent brand in premium solar energy technology, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. An international front-runner in Solar Panels / Modules, Panasonic is a well-known consumer brand that has become a high-quality leader in solar cell technology. Panasonic solar panels are one of the finest tier-one solar panels on the market. Panasonic solar panels for the home have approximately 3-5% greater efficiency ratings than their mid-range competitors and boast a 15 year longer product warranty period as well. Panasonic (one of the top-notch solar panel manufacturers and suppliers) beats efficiency and offers higher output energy over time as compared to other high-cost modules of different other brands.

Panasonic solar panel series HIT is the result of the stringent research and development of the company, which has resulted in their solar PV modules having the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.  Panasonic Photovoltaic modules HIT® are extremely compact in appearance, and advanced heterojunction technology delivers maximum efficiency and reliability. Panasonic HIT® is a solar energy technology market leader, with a significantly higher energy yield per unit of surface area as compared to its competitors ‘conventional solar PV modules. Panasonic solar panel prices are dependent on their premium technology and exceptional reliability.

Panasonic Solar Panel System on SolarClue Platform

Panasonic solar PV system is one of the best solar panels (monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline solar panel – two types) are available at SolarClue – one of the reliable online platforms of solar products in India. allows people to buy an excellent range of Solar Power Systems, Solar Cells, portable solar panels, solar PV modules, and many more solar products. The solar panels or solar modules on the Panasonic brand is available online at the Solarclue platform with varied capacities.

On the platform, buyers can purchase their best preferred portable solar water heaters on the Panasonic brand as per their budget only. Buy the best solar panels online from SolarClue, which is an excellent B2B and B2C digital market place to get your preferred products across India.

Why Choose Panasonic to Purchase Solar Panels?

•         Panasonic manufacturers by offering a 25-year product and performance warranty on its panels

•         The unique HIT cell structure used by Panasonic incorporates both crystalline and amorphous technology

•         Panels get hotter on summers' days and lose efficiency

•         The Panasonic cells experience the least losses

•         Panasonic should have a price point advantage on LG and SunPower systems

•         Higher efficiencies and lower degradation rates