With Subsidy 3.15 kwatt, 1 Phase on-Grid TATA Solar Power System
With Subsidy 3.15 kwatt, 1 Phase on-Grid TATA Solar Power System

With Subsidy 3.15 kwatt, 1 Phase on-Grid TATA Solar Power System

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Brand: TATA Power
Product Code: TATA-3KW-ON-GRID



About the System:


on-Grid Solar powered system is designed for having power for own use and sending extra power to electricity board for benefits. If you are facing high bills from electricty board and your consumption is 360-450 units/month on average per month then  3 kw on-grid solar system is for you.


How the system Works? 


1. When sun light fall on Solar panels, DC power is produced and it is converted into AC power via inverter.

2. This converted power can be used directly by your appliances, if generation is more than your consumption, the power gets supplied to the electrcity board.

3. During night time, solar energy becomes zero and the power to your appliances comes electricty board(same as usual days).

4. The same procedure works for whole month and year.

5. A meter known as bidirectional meter/ net meter will caculate how much units you have consumed and how much units you have given to bescom.Based on this electrcity bill will be calculated. 

6. If you have cosnumed more then you have to pay bill for net units and if you have consumed less then you will get money from 


Is this system Suitable for you? 


 System Generated 12-15 units per day/ 360-450 units/month on average, depending upon weather conditions.

Check your latest electricity bill and take the number of units consumed in that month. Check if the number of units is between 360-450 units or not. If yes then this system is best suitable for you.



1. Solar Panels: 525 wp Mono crystalline x 6 nos (TATA)

2. Solar Inverter :  3 kwatt 1 phase on-Grid x 1 nos (Solis(TATA))

3. Structure : Non Elevated 


5. Cables

6. Earthing (AC and DC side)

7. Bidectional Meter 1 phase

8. Miscellenious Items

9. Engineering , Designing , Liasoning , Commissioning 



Solar Panels525 Wp (Ws-525), Monocrystalline PERC Silicon Photovoltaic Cell Type, Warranty: 25 years. : 6 nos Make: TATA
Solar Inverter1 phase 3 kw on-Grid, Make: TATA; Warranty: 5 Years as per the manufacturer.
Solar Panel Mounting StructureSolar Module Mounting Structure MS for supporting the Solar Panels for RCC roof. Can be customized as per the customer's location, available area and budget.
DC Cables 4 sq mm DC Copper flexible Cable
AC Cables 1 core, 4 sqmm AC Copper flexible Cable
DC Distribution Box(DCDB)3 kwatt 1 input 1 output distribution Box with IP65 & IP67 outer body with all the accessories required
AC Distribution Box(ACDB)3 kwatt, 1 phase AC Distribution Box with IP65 & IP67 outer body with all the accessories required
Earthing KitEarthing Kit (both AC and DC side) with Grounding minerals, Eathing wire, electrode and strips and Lightining Arrestor
AccessoriesBidirectional Meter,MC4 Connector,Cable Conduits, Clamps, Insulation tapes, Lugs etc
Installation and Commissioning ( I & C)Engineering & Designing,Testing and Commissioning of 3 kWatt on grid Solar Power System with all the paper work with electricty board including PPA.

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