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There are different types of solar batteries (not much difference in batteries of varied types, except warranty and lifespan) available in the market; Gel batteries are one of those categories. SolarClue on several brands provides Gel Batteries, which are built-in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These kinds of batteries are manufactured using three main chemical compositions, such as lead-acid, lithium-ion, and saltwater.

SolarClue is the best platform where people can buy their preferred solar batteries on varied brand names. The solar battery is a very good option for home and the price is most importantly, dependent on its AH and warranty.

Key Features

·        Superior price advantage as compared to traditional technology

·        High cycle life for service battery applications

·        Sealed, maintenance free construction

·        Not susceptible to thermal runaway like traditional AGM technology

·        Tolerate wide range of charging voltages and terminal voltage remains high under load

·        Very low self-discharge—can be left for long periods without charging

·        Sealed Maintenance Free, Gas Recombination, High Discharge Ability, Super High Capacity

·        Long life cycle, Low self-discharge rate

·        Wide temperature range

·        Powerful recoverability

Shop Solar Lights Online for Lighting Your Areas Powered by the Sun

Are you in need of a lighting solution for your building but that should be eco-friendly? If this is the case, select Solar Lights as one of the best solutions that would fit your need. Solar lights help you decrease your electricity bill and also reduce your carbon footprints on the ecosphere.

Visit and buy the type of solar light as per your requirements. SolarClue brings forth to you a wide range of solar lights such as Solar Street Lights, Garden Solar Lights, Home Solar Lights, Path Solar Lights, etc. At SolarClue, we are not restricted to Solar Lights, and you can also find solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, solar geysers, solar power systems, Different types of solar water heaters, and many more solar products.

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At, you can get a wide range of all solar energy-based products, which undergo various quality checks for providing you with the assurance of the best quality. This online platform is available with top-notch products that enable you to get the best deals on reliable available Brands such as Supreme, V-Guard, EMMVEE Solarizer, Power-One, Anu Solar, and many more without spending countless hours. SolarClue is a portal of several vendors, be it a solar panel manufacturer, solar water heater dealer, solar energy equipment supplier, solar water heater manufacturer, or much more solar equipment supplier.

Customers can apply filters and specify categories to buy their desired products at, which provides you heavy discounts on bulk buying. So do not waste your time thinking much. Hurry up and Order now!

List of Solar Products Available at Solarclue

·        Solar Panels (Rooftop solar panel, Monocrystalline solar panel, Polycrystalline solar panel)

·        Solar Lights

·        Solar Water Heater / Solar Geyser (ETC solar water heater, FPC solar water heater, Rooftop solar water heater)

·        Solar Inverter (On-grid solar inverter, Off-grid solar inverter, Hybrid solar inverter, or Grid-tie inverter)

·        Solar Cell (photovoltaic cell) / Solar Battery

·        On-grid solar system

·        Solar power system (Rooftop solar power system or Solar rooftop system)

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If you are looking for first-class Solar power-based products at affordable prices, then is your one-stop solution. We at SolarClue offer an array of Solar Equipment in varied types and specifications that meet every application’s need, be it a home, office, industrial or commercial requirements.

We have an efficient logistics chain and the best solar distributors, and solar dealers across India. We provide a comprehensive range of the best solar panels for homes, solar PV systems, portable solar panels, rooftop solar panels for homes, many other solar products online. We make sure that all the offered products are genuine and that you don’t face any hassles after you have made your purchase.


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