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Goodwe 6kwatt, 3 Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverters
Goodwe 6kwatt, 3 Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverters

Goodwe 6kwatt, 3 Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverters

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Brand: GoodWe
Product Code: INV-GWS-ON-6.4


ON-Grid inverter helps in converting DC current from solar panels into AC current, making customer become self-sufficient in power generation and also helping them to produce enough power to give back local electrical grid. This 6 kwatt inverter has an efficiency of 98.0% and inbuilt MPPT Trackers.

Some Key Features Are:

  • Transformer less and compact design.
  • IP65 Industrial Protection glass. 
  • Easy to carry and install.
  • Integrated Anti-islanding Protection.
  • Integrated PV string current Monitoring. 
  • Integrated insulation resistor deduction. 
  • Integrated residual current monitoring unit.
  • Natural cooling.
  • 2 MPP Tracker.
  • Max Efficiency>98.0%
Operating Voltage620V
Temperature Range-25°C to 60°C
Weight24 kg
Dimension516x415x192 (WxHxD)
Solar Inverter
Efficiency 98.0%
Input DC Power 7800 watt
MPPT Voltage Range200V-800V
Output AC Power7800 watt
Warranty5 years

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Product Description

GoodWe solar inverters are used in residential rooftops, commercial systems, and energy storage systems. GoodWe is a leading manufacturer of top solar inverters that adopts cutting edge technology in solar photovoltaic power conversion and is ideally suited to newly-built housing projects or small domestic installations. Goodwe 6kwatt, 3 Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverters are electrical converters designed in converting Direct Current (DC) output into an Alternating Current (AC), which can further feed into an Electrical Grid. Complete MPPT technology, software, and hardware technology are assured to maximize its lifespan.

Solarclue.com is the best platform for GoodWe solar inverter manufacturers, GoodWe solar inverter suppliers, GoodWe solar inverter dealers, and GoodWe solar inverter distributors. Buy GoodWe solar inverters online at the best prices from solarclue.com, which is supporting residential, and commercial, and industrial installations for different types of solar inverters, such as on-grid solar inverter/solar grid tie inverter, off-grid solar inverter, and hybrid solar inverter in India.

SolarClue distributes a wide range of solar inverters, on-grid solar system, off-grid solar system, solar inverter battery, etc., more helpful to maintain the easiness in electrical current that is sufficient to manage the electricity supply.

The inverter system solar energy is designed to convert solar energy into electrical energy using inverters for household loads. A solar power inverter or solar inverter system is a cost-effective device as it saves money for the buyers who install it. We promote the use of renewable sources of energy by using inverters; helping in the reduction of the greenhouse effect and global warming so that nature is protected from its effects. The solar inverter price list is based on its type, and it may seem like a big range while deciding to buy it, but the fact is that the bigger the Inverter you go for lesser is the price. GoodWe solar inverter for home (GoodWe 6kwatt, 3 Phase on-grid) adopts cutting-edge technology in photovoltaic fields. Higher conversion efficiency and lower energy losses are guaranteed to maximize customer satisfaction.


           ·         Compact size and lightweight

           ·         Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations

           ·         Suited for commercial and industrial roofs as well as small and medium-sized photovoltaic solar power systems

           ·         Guarantees earlier power generation and longer working time

           ·         Offering a faster return on investment ensures the lowest leveled cost of electricity

           ·         Ensure the lowest leveled cost of electricity

Solar Grid-tie Inverter

A grid-tie solar inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and helps consumers to utilize sufficient power, which is generated from solar energy and stored to the local electrical grid. A grid-tie inverter is also called on-grid solar inverter and suitable for inserting into an electrical power grid, usually 120 V RMS at 60 Hz or 240 V RMS at 50 Hz. The solar power inverter like grid-tie inverter in India uses between local electrical power generators such as solar panel, wind turbine, hydro-electric, and the grid. The grid-tie solar inverter is generally used to provide electricity supply in homes and offices without the need to depend on grid electricity.

Gone are those times when people hardly experience power cuts because grid-tie or on-grid solar inverter for home comes with great features to provide excellent power backup and without even depending on diesel generators or battery-powered inverter systems. You can save up to Rs. 8500 per year just by using the 1KW solar inverter system as compared to grid electricity. A grid-tie is one of the best solar inverters especially for home, used with customizable solutions to generate and provide power solutions based according to your requirements. SolarClue is the online platform to buy solar grid-tie inverter at a shoestring budget.

SolarClue’s inverters cater to various industries with its brand such as Power-one. People can check the solar inverter price list on this particular brand name which is available with a different grid-tie inverter price for the home.

Components Used in Grid-tie Inverter

A grid-tie inverter is manufactured using the following list of components.
Battery Bank
Power Meter
Battery-Based Grid-Tie Inverter
Charge Controller
DC Disconnect (additional)

Advantages of Grid-Tie Solar Inverter

Allows customers to save more money with solar panels through net metering, and lower equipment & installation costs
Helps to spend electricity in real-time as a utility grid is a virtual battery
Provides power backup facilities by using clean, renewable natural solar energy to generate electricity supply
Eliminating the battery avoids secondary contamination of the battery and increases the average time between failures of the system.
Provides high-efficiency power when consumers need additional electricity
Known as a reliable source of backup power
Beneficial for easy installation as these do not require the batteries to operate