200 LPD ETC Havells Solero Solar Water Heater

200 LPD ETC Havells Solero Solar Water Heater

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M.R.P.: ₹ 36,500
Price: ₹ 29,917
You Save: ₹ 6,583 (18%)
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Brand: Havells
Product Code: HA-200ETC1.3
Availability: 1000
Delivery to pincode 560037 - Bangalore Karnataka is available.


  • Work with Hard Water 
  • Maximum Hardness of Water it can withstand 1500 ppm
  • No pipe Blocking 
  • High density compressed PUF Insulation to store hot water for up to 72 hrs.
  • Non Pressure System- Main water tank should be higher than solar water tank.
  • Ideal for 6 person, 2 Bathroom connection
  • 5 Years Warranty 
  • Anodized aluminium alloy designer stand is weather proof and does not corrode. 
  • Aesthetics design which enhance the system and make the terrace beautiful.
  • Tank Volume- 200 LPD
  • Number of tubes: 20
  • Electricity bill saving of 10000 units/year
Capacity: 200 LPD/ 200 Litre
Circulation Type: Thermo Siphon
Electrical Back Up 1.5 Kwatt (Optional)
Frame Angle 30 Degrees
Inner Tank Material SS 304 grade stainless steel
Max Operating Pressure 10 bar
No. Of Tubes 20
Outer Tank Material Galvanized Iron Powder coated color steel
Tank Insulation PUF 50mm (High Density polyurethane foaming)
Tube Size 47 mm-1.8 m
Type : Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)
Vacuum Tube Inner Diameter 47 mm
Vacuum Tube Outer Diameter 58 mm
Warranty 5 Years

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Product Description

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Havells solar water heater made of high density compressed PUF insulation which helps it to store hot water up to 72 hours. Havells is one of the best manufacturer company of solar water heater in Bangalore. Havells water heater comes with world-class technology and high-quality material. Havells solar products are pocket-friendly. Using a solar water heater can reduce your electricity bill charges. Get the best solar water heater price and long term durability. Havells has been recognized as India’s most trusted water heater brand. A 200 liter solar water heater is best for Flats. The current situation of our environment calls for an energy revolution. To combat the threats of global warming and growing pollution due to fuels, the world must shift from non-renewable energy sources towards more stable alternative. The most viable alternative option at this time is solar energy.  

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