Luminous 10 kwatt off-Grid Solar Power System
Luminous 10 kwatt off-Grid Solar Power System

Luminous 10 kwatt off-Grid Solar Power System

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Brand: Luminous
Product Code: LU-10KW-OFF-GRID


off-Grid Solar powered system is designed for having power 24*7. If you are facing a frequent or long duration power cut in your areas then off-Grid system is best suited for you.

Luminous 2 kw off grid solar system is designed to run your basic household items like TV, fan,bulb, tube light,fridge,mobile, laptop directly on solar in day time and on battery during evening and night.

How the system Works? 

1. When sun light fall on Solar panels, DC power is produced and it is converted into AC power via inverter.

2. This converted power can be used directly by your appliances, if generation is more than your consumption, the power gets stored in the batteries. 

3. During night time, solar energy becomes zero and the power to your appliances comes from batteries.

4. If battery power goes down then power from electricity board will come to your place.

In this way despite of load shedding/power cut by your electricity board, you will get constant electricity through out the day.

Is this system Suitable for you? 

 System Generated 40-50 units per day/ 1200-1500 units/month on average, depending upon weather conditions.

Check your latest electricity bill and take the number of units consumed in that month. Check if the number of units is between 1200-1500 units or not. If yes then this system is best suitable for you.


Solar Panel
Efficiency16.2 %
Warranty10 Years - Product Warranty 25 Years - Performance Warranty
ModelPoly 325W/24V 72 Cells
Solar Inverter
Charge ControllerInbuilt MPPT Charge Controller
Display ParametersVoltage/Current: Array, Battery, Grid, Output; Day kWh, Cumulative kwh, Date. Time Faults: Over Temperature, Battery Low, DC High Voltage, Battery Low Trip, Overload
Indications Battery Charging/ Discharging, Grid ON, Load ON, UPS ON, Array ON, Fault LED Indicator (For Overload, Low Battery, Over Temperature)
ModelPCU NXT 6 kW/96V
ProtectionProtection Under/Over voltage protection for Input, Output, Battery & Array; Reverse polarity protection for Array& Battery; Protection for Output Overload, Short circuit and Over Temperature; MCB & Surge protection at Grid/DG Input, Battery, Array Path and PCU O/P
Warranty3 Years
Solar Battery
Battery Bank Voltage120 V
Capacity200 Ah
Depth of Discharge (DoD)Long Cycles (1500 @80% DOD, 5000 @20% DOD)
Quantity10 numbers
Self Discharge Rate3% per month @STC
Topping Frequency8 to 10 months (very less maintenance). Fill distilled water every 8-10 months
Warranty5 Years

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Product Description

The luminous off-grid system offers you the independence to generate solar power that helps in running the loads on solar and storing the excess energy in batteries. The 10-kilowatt off-grid solar power system with an inbuilt option is capable of charging batteries to ensure that you never run out of power.  The foremost benefit of using the luminous off-grid portable solar system is to give power supply for 8-10 hours even to 3-4 BHK homes having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply.

The Luminous off-grid solar system operates using solar power, and its batteries use to supply power at night. These types of solar systems are designed in such a way to cater to high power demand from solar to run schools, offices, commercial shops, petrol pumps, and factories independently without using government electricity. The Luminous off-grid solar power systems even in 10-kilowatt capacities are available with cost-effective solutions and online at SolarClue.

Key Features

       •        Pure sine wave with 85% efficiency

       •        Inbuilt controller with 98% efficiency

       •        Equipped with battery type selection

       •        Intelligent monitoring battery

       •        Helps you to run all your power equipment directly using from sun

       •        It occupies at least 100 sqft. space for installation

       •        Provides complete energy independence

       •        Available with expensive cost than the on-grid system