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Know Us

Kamal Solar is one of the leading solar product manufacturing companies in India. Kamal Solar is founded in 1998 and under the incorporation of Velnet Non-Conventional Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. and indulged in producing a wide range of solar assortments such as solar water heaters, solar street light, and solar rooftop power system and solar water pump products.  We adopt International Standard Technology to develop the best in class solar products for your residential, commercial requirements, whether it is a small or large project. 

We at Kamal Solar are known for its outstanding quality, prompt after-sales service, and excellent customer service. This is possible only because of our team, who put their total dedication, continuous, and effortless contribution towards the organization to meet the varied requirements of the company. The entire team of professionals is highly skilled in their respective domain that helps in supporting the company to reach its goals. This is how we at Kamal Solar ensure to withstand our long-standing position in the industry.

Product Profile

Kamal Solar is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of solar water heaters. Working on renewable energy with advanced technology, Kamal Solar is committed to ensuring the best solar water heater gives you the maximum benefit keeping the water hot for a long time. The company also makes sure that the tanks are glass enameled coated, hence warm water comes with clean and hygienic through using high-pressure solar water heater system.

The solar water heater is a device that produces hot water using sunlight during sunny days. It is generally installed at the terrace or any open space outside of the building where sunlight available to heat water during daytime and stored in an insulated storage tank for use for bathing, washing, cleaning when required. The process when solar water heating systems use vacuum tubes (made of borosilicate glass with special coating) to absorb the solar energy for heating the water is called Evacuated Tube Solar Collector. This evacuated tube solar collector system is compact, easy to install, and works efficiently with hard water.

Kamal Solar Water Heater on SolarClue Platform

We at Kamal Solar are based in Bangalore and working together contribute to making our environment pollution free and add to the green energy as our solar products have proved it. The most efficient solar water heaters on the Kamal Solar brand is available on the SolarClue platform at different price lists and starting from 20,036 to 179,998 rupees. Additionally, Kamal Solar water heaters with diverse capacities such as 100 LPD, 150 LPD, 200 LPD, 500 LPD, 1000 LPD, etc. are available on the Solarclue platform. People can buy their desired hot water heaters as per their budget. And, the price of Kamal Solar water heater in India varies from one capacity to another and based on the water hardness features (Soft Water considers water hardness<300ppm, Hard Water considers water hardness 300 ppm - 600 ppm).

Why Choose Kamal Solar Water Heater?

Useful in heating water up to 60 to 85 degree Celsius depending on the ambient temperature

Incorporated with stainless steel inner tank using 304-grade makeup tank

High-density PUF insulation helps to preserve hot water for more than 48 hours

Available in the range of 100/125 liters and above capacities that help in meeting the needs of both domestic and commercial users (home and office purposes)

Made with indium activated special grade-sacrificial anode for protection of solar collector and tank from galvanic corrosion

Available with selective black-chrome coating for the solar collector with STUCCO finish an Aluminum back sheet

The inner tank of water heater made of special grade corrosion resistant stain stainless steel material

Adjustable Thermostat with a thermal cutout for weatherproof in-built electrical heating back up, which facilitates in providing hot water even during cloudy days

All components of the pressurized solar water heater are corrosion resistant

Raw materials used in the water heater are the best grade as per industry standards