250 LPD FPC Greentek pressurized Solar Water Heater
250 LPD FPC Greentek pressurized Solar Water Heater

250 LPD FPC Greentek pressurized Solar Water Heater

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Brand: Greentek
Product Code: GT-250FPC3.3


  • Works well with soft water 
  • No pipe blocking.
  • Tank capacity- 250 LPD/Liters
  • Ideal for 5-7 person with 2 bathroom connectivity 
  • Pressurized model (Main tank can be lower than solar water heater)
  • High density compressed PUF insulation to store hot water up to 48 hours 
  • Advance solar water give better performance in cloudy weather 
  • Greater absorption of sunlight resulting in faster heating water
  • Provides hot water without electricity or any other fuel 
  • Maximum water hardness-400 ppm 
  • Easy to transport 
  • No. of collectors- 2
  • Warranty- 1 years
  • Electricity saving 1260 uits/year.
Capacity:250 LPD/Liters
Circulation Type:Thermosyphon
Inner Tank MaterialSS 304-Q ( Stainless Steel)
Minimum Height of Overhead Tank from roof2 meters
Number of Collector2
Outer Tank MaterialSS/ Galvanized Iron (GI) Color Coated
Pressure High Pressure
Product CertificationBIS
Space Required2 x 2.5 meter
Type :Flat Plate Collector (FPC)
Warranty1 year warranty

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Product Description

250 LPD FPC Greentek Pressurized Solar Water Heater is one of the best solar water heaters, available now even online. FPC Solar Water Heater on the Greentek brand uses a Solar Panel arrangement system. FPC (Flat Plate Collector) type solar water heaters are operated by taking solar energy or solar power, and they have better performance in hot climatic conditions. The choice of an FPC type of solar water heater depends upon the location, seasons, and other external factors. This instant water heater is commonly used in commercial and residential applications.

Greentek (one of the noted manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and best solar companies) offers the FPC type of solar water heater into two categories, i.e., Pressurized and Non-pressurized.  In the Pressurized solar water heating system, heat exchangers are installed to protect the system from hard water and pressure pumps. The Pressurized Solar Water Heater is designed to supply high-pressure hot water and the forced circulation systems with the help of Pressure pumps used to circulate the water through collectors and storage tanks. This particular technology of FPC water heater depends on heat requirements, weather conditions, heat transfer fluid quality, space availability, and annual solar radiation.

The Greentek solar water heaters use the Sun’s energy (sun rays have enough energy to heat water up to 55°C to 70°C) to heat water during the day and stores the water inside an insulated tank for use whenever required. With negligible maintenance requirements, solar water systems on Greentek (top solar company) provide a low-cost long term solution to getting hot water for bathing, washing clothes, use in the kitchen, etc. For cloudy days, portable solar water heater systems have a built-in backup electric heating element.

Solarclue.com is the best solar water heater online platform, where people can buy solar products such as Greentek pressurized solar water heater, or instant hot water with cost-effective solutions. Solar water heater price list, at SolarClue platform, is reasonable to buy portable yet best solar water heater for home, online.

Salient Features

Ø  Economical, and pollution-free

Ø  Easy for operation in warm places

Ø  Works well with soft water

Ø  No pipe blocking

Ø  High density compressed PUF insulation to store hot water up to 48 hours

Ø  Ideal to use in industries or large establishments

Ø  Scaling due to hard water in case of non-heat exchanger type systems leads to a higher loss in efficiency in case of FPC

Ø  Easy to transport

Ø  The cost of parts’ replacement in case of FPC is higher as the entire glass needs to be replaced

Ø  Advance solar water gives better performance in cloudy weather

Ø  Greater absorption of sunlight resulting in faster heating water

Ø  Provides hot water without electricity or any other fuel

Ø  FPC solar water heaters can last for 15 years or more without any major maintenance